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You may know us as “The Anti Agency”

Kevin Barry Cook, CEO

A little about us

The “Why” behind the who

For years Kevin had been working as a digital marketing director at various firms, building and scaling teams for his clients.

David, an avid process manager, has always found ways to ensure consistency in executions and find ways to scale.

Collectively, they both felt the shift in technology with ChatGPT, making marketing a lot easier to execute for clients, with one issue.

Their pricing couldn’t change. Suddenly the agency output was leveled – and it made more sense to work marketing from the ground up than outsourced.

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Meet the Team

Kevin Barry Cook

CEO, Co-Founder

Kevin has worked as an agency director, managing the teams and needs of hundreds of small businesses.

David Dunn

COO, Co-Founder

David has worked in project management and processes for years, bringing steady hands to nearly any operation.

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Personal services crafted specifically for your business

Reason #1

Agencies just don’t understand your business as intimately as you do.

Reason #2

Agencies are using cheap tools to do the same work we can train your employees to do.

Reason #3

Nothing screams mediocre more than not having a firm grasp on your own marketing strategy.

Reason #4

We’re a low cost and low friction option if you’re serious about doing it yourself.

Reason #5

We provide expertise and experience to ensure you’re getting the value.

Reason #6

Busy managers make bad bosses – we can help provide the structure and guidance they need.







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Our Values

Our only value is to make sure your value is realized.